Environmental Initiatives

Regional Revitalization Initiatives

In order to support the long-term growth of customers and the region and achieve the goal set out in our Group Management Philosophy of “building a vibrant regional society,” we go beyond our main line of business providing financial services to help promote the region’s industries in a variety of ways. Below are some examples of some of the initiatives we have taken to date.

[Establishment of corporate bodies to promote industry]
  • KUMAMOTO DMC Co., Ltd. (promotion of tourism)
  • Haru Ichiban Co., Ltd. (agricultural company)
  • KAGOSHIMA OLIVE Co., Ltd. (agricultural company)
  • Roan (restaurant showcasing and expanding markets for local products)
  • GL Connect Corporation (expansion of markets)
Haru Ichiban
Haru Ichiban
[Establishment of funds to promote industry]
  • KFG Local Business Support Fund
  • KFG Agrifund
  • Higo/Kagoshima Local Revitalization Fund
  • Kumamoto Future Development Fund
[Initiatives to expand customers’ markets]
  • Planning and administration of a range of business gatherings (Japan/overseas)
  • Administration of internal business-matching systems
[Regional revitalization/ business successions]
  • Financing connected with support for regional revitalization
  • Provision of solutions for business successions and M&A
[Support for start-ups]
  • Establishment of the Kumamoto Next-generation Venture Creation Consortium (Higo Bank, Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto University, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd., Kumamoto Industrial Federation)
  • Conclusion of agreements relating to initiatives for regional revitalization (Kagoshima Bank, 8 higher educational institutes in Kagoshima Prefecture)
  • Staging of business contests within Kumamoto and Kagoshima Prefectures
  • Training programs for local business managers (District Economics Research Institute of Kumamoto Area)
  • Training program for the next generation of young entrepreneurs (Kyushu Economic Research Institute)
  • Establishment of Kyushu FG PPP/PFI Platform (collaboration with Toyo University Research Center for Public-Private Partnership, Development Bank of Japan, Private Finance Initiative Promotion Corporation of Japan, and Japan Economic Research Institute Inc.)
  • Holding of PPP/PFI platform seminars
[Partnerships agreements]
  • Partnership agreements with Kagoshima and Kumamoto Prefectures aimed at promoting regional tourism
  • Partnership agreements aimed at expanding markets for prefectural products and promoting tourism
  • Partnership agreements with municipalities relating to regional revitalization
  • Comprehensive cooperation agreements with municipalities
  • Agreements relating to the enticement of foreign tourists to Japan

Reconstruction Support

Our Group has taken a range of initiatives aimed at helping Kumamoto recover from the earthquakes of 2016 in creative ways. For instance, in addition to providing funding to support reconstruction efforts, we sell financial products that include a donation (government bonds, privately-placed bonds, and investment trusts), and have established the Kumamoto Reconstruction Support Fund, Kyushu Region Reconstruction Support Fund, and Kumamoto Earthquake Business Recovery Support Fund.
Also, in order to contribute directly to Kumamoto’s creative recovery, our Group as a whole will make total donations amounting to 1.95 billion yen to municipalities, etc.

Social Contribution Activities

We continue to assist in the revitalization of local communities over the mid- to long-term through work that includes participation in volunteer activities to help with environmental conservation, like planting watershed protection forests and helping to maintain forests, participation in local events, support for sporting and cultural events, and social welfare activities. We have also improved our systems, such as by setting up a "volunteer leave system" for encouraging employees to engage in their own independent social contribution activities.

[Participation in local events]

We continue to stand hand-in-hand with the region by actively participating in local events and clean-up activities as a way of deepening ties with local customers and helping create a bright and comfortable society.

Otemoyan Dance
Otemoyan Dance
Ohara Festival
Ohara Festival

[Promotion of sports]

We support marathons and hold sports lessons with the goal of contributing to the growth of the region’s sporting activities.

We are also working in many ways to contribute to the region through sports. For instance, we have set up a women’s ekiden (long-distance running relay race) club (Higo Bank) and athletics club (Kagoshima Bank), are supporting the soccer team Roasso Kumamoto, and have entered into contracts as an official partner of Kagoshima United FC (soccer team) and Kagoshima Rebnise (basketball team).

Higo Bank Women’s Ekiden Club
Higo Bank Women’s Ekiden Club
Kagoshima Bank Athletics Club
Kagoshima Bank Athletics Club

Local Cultural Conservation Activities/Charitable and Support Activities

We are working to help conserve the region’s history and culture and hand them down to future generations. For example, we have made donations to the Eisei Bunko Permanent Exhibition Promotion Fund and Kumamoto City Fund for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Artifacts, and support a range of art exhibitions. In addition, we also set up the Higo no Satoyama Gallery at the headquarters of Higo Bank as a center to offer cultural information.

Higo no Satoyama Gallery
Higo no Satoyama Gallery

Efforts to Develop Local Human Resources

[Establishment of Higo Business Training]

We established Higo Business Training Co., Ltd. within the headquarters of Higo Bank. In addition to improving our employee training systems and nurturing human resources who will play a part in solving the region’s challenges, the company also aims to provide educational services for developing local human resources.

[Implementation of the internship program “Regional Revitalization Project working with Kagin”]

We run an internship program for students who represent the future of our region called “Regional Revitalization Project working with Kagin.” In addition to helping improve students’ awareness of issues surrounding regional revitalization through this program, we have entered into agreements relating to initiatives for regional revitalization with 8 higher education institutions within Kagoshima Prefecture, and are working to solve human resource issues in the region.

[Steps to promote human resource training among local members of the younger generation]

  • Conclusion of an agreement relating to collaborative courses at Prefectural University of Kumamoto
  • Staging of Economics Koshien Kagoshima Quiz Tournament
  • Money classes for elementary school students
  • Contributions to improving educational environments through the selling of privately-placed bonds that include a donation to schools
Kagin to Tsukuru Regional Revitalization Project
Kagin to Tsukuru Regional Revitalization Project
Presentation ceremony for privately-placed bonds that include a donation to schools
Presentation ceremony for privately-placed bonds that include a donation to schools
Money class for kids
Money class for kids

Work to promote Diversity and Gender Equality

In order to improve the quality of our workplaces, we are taking steps to ensure that employees can strike a good work-life balance through reforms to working patterns, and are taking a proactive stance in helping female employees to reach their full potential.

·Initiatives to achieve gender equality in the workplace

We are taking active measures to ensure that female employees can play an active part in the workplace, such as by providing support for juggling work with childcare and caregiving (system of reduced working hours, family/care leave system, etc.), as well as training for career development.

No. of female executives and employees (as of the end of March 2018; ratio of female employees indicated in brackets)

Higo Bank Kagoshima Bank
Managers 25 (7.5%) 11 (3.7%)
Executives 176 (21.5%) 175 (18.5%)
Female employees 943 (41.4%) 922 (39.7%)

·General Employer Action Plans relating to the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children (Higo Bank, Kagoshima Bank (Women's ParticipationPDF , Raising Next-Generation ChildrenPDF ))

·In-house daycare centers

We support working mothers and fathers. (Higokko no Mori Daycare Center/Kagin Daycare Center Yumeiro)

Higokko no Mori Daycare Center
Higokko no Mori Daycare Center
Kagin Daycare Center 'Yumeiro'
Kagin Daycare Center "Yumeiro"